DPD Denies Medics Access to Unconscious, Unresponsive Patient

Press Release

For Immediate Release

November 13, 2011

Contact: Colorado Street Medics, coloradostreetmedics@gmail.com 303-570-9362

Denver Police Department officers clad in riot gear spray the crowd with fire extinguishers and pepper spray to clear Civic Center Park chasing demonstrators to the street

November 12, 2011: After riot police stormed Civic Center Park and chased protesters to other locations, one demonstrator was observed being struck by officers and falling motionless on the traffic median dividing Colfax at Broadway.

Colorado Street Medics immediately attempted to access this patient to assess and provide first aid. SWAT officers refused to allow the medics access to this patient. The officer commanding the line refused to acknowledge medics when they attempted to explain concerns for the unconscious, unresponsive patient.

Police allowed an untrained bystander access to the patient, but refused to allow medics from Colorado Street Medics to access the patient. Officers threatened Colorado Street Medic volunteers with arrest if they attempted to approach the patient. When asked for their name and badge number, the officers refused to provide this information stating, “We don’t have to. That is not the law.”

This SWAT officer refused CSM access to an unconscious and unresponsive patient as well as refusing to provide his name or badge number when it was requested by volunteers.

Colorado Street Medic volunteers attempted to explain concern for serious bodily injuries as the patient lay on the traffic

median unconscious and non-reactive to heavy traffic, bystanders and sirens around them. When SWAT officers pushed the medics away, Denver Paramedics had not yet arrived to treat the patient.

Colorado Street Medics are a volunteer first aid and community health organization that serves social movements. They have worked in the City of Denver and have had successful arrangements with Denver Paramedics, Denver Police Department and other state agencies in past events such as the Democratic National Convention in 2008 that improved patient care, handoffs and outcomes.

Across the board, research indicates that immediate intervention greatly improves patient outcomes and reduces mortality. Street Medics could have provided support for this individual’s airway, breathing and immobilizing his spine among other things while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Colorado Street Medics condemn this blatant disregard for the wellbeing of an individual with potentially life-threatening injuries. Furthermore, Colorado Street Medics demand that officers be held accountable for both their excessive force and disregard to policy requiring them to provide identifying information to the public.




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7 responses to “DPD Denies Medics Access to Unconscious, Unresponsive Patient

  1. James Paul Shelburn

    Document crimes against humanity this leads to continued progress to equality when asked #whywefight back with #Peace #peaceful #peacefully #protest #theWorldIsWatching #wethepeople #unitedwestand #OccupyWallStreet #occupy

  2. Seattle Rick

    IF the alligations against the DPD are in fact true- 1) The offending Officer should be brought to trial and convicted of assault and interfering with a citizen in the line of duty. The police have no greater responsibility then to ensure the safety of a citizen, which includes allowing first responders. 2) By not giving his name and ID to a citizen and claiming there is no law to that effect he has attempted to establish a police state in direct conflict with the constitutionally granted citizen state.

  3. Barb T

    I certainly agree with your condemnation of the SWAT team’s actions! A grave injustice! Do you know how the potential patient came out?

  4. Talona

    How is the guy who got hurt & denied medical attention.

  5. David Boyer

    Sue the idiots!!!

  6. hummingbirdcyborg

    Cops are sacks of shit. They don’t give a shit about anybody. They’re mostly a bunch of macho assholes that get off on power, so they become cops. And if they aren’t that, they are ostracized by the other cops who are that and leave the force in no time.

    They’ve killed or seriously injured so many people recently then they blame protesters or brown people for THEIR violence. And most of the time it just stands. People go to prison and jail for not letting cops brutalize them.


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