Colorado Street Medic and Thunderdome Activist Illegally Detained By Ohio State Troopers

While on a road trip to Philadelphia, two Denver activists were detained and had their vehicle searched without a warrant by Ohio State Troopers. Three State Patrol vehicles, a K9 Unit Van and six officers pulled the activists over outside of Eden, Ohio.

Mel, a key organizer for medical relief surrounding Occupy Denver and Colorado Street Medic, was held in the back of a police car. Her phone was taken from her and troopers stated she did not have the right to call an attorney until she had been arrested. Mel’s car was searched without a warrant and the inside was dismantled with a screwdriver. Mel was repeatedly questioned about the purpose of her trip. State Troopers stated Mel was being help for “investigatory detention,” and refused to provide names, badge numbers or any further explanation.

Crunchy, an organizer of the Thunderdome—one of Denver’s most prolific peoples’ kitchens—was thrown into a K9 unit van with a police dog and held for approximately one and a half hours. When it was suggested that Crunchy, a young black man, was being racially profiled the Troopers mocked the activists.

Mel, Crunchy and their community allies are requesting immediate action be taken.

1. Mel and Crunchy need legal resources for the State of Ohio. Please send any resources to zoethemedic(a)

2. Please call and email Ohio State Patrol: 1-877-7-PATROL (1-877-772-8765), and tell them that they are being watched by all of our communities.

An injury to one is an injury to all!



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3 responses to “Colorado Street Medic and Thunderdome Activist Illegally Detained By Ohio State Troopers

  1. More outrageous police conduct targeting those who dissent and refuse to accept government status quo.

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  3. forman

    Your comrades on the east coast are sorry to hear what happened. Are you able to describe the charges?

    We will make efforts to contact the Ohio State Patrol as you described and to contact local Ohio comrades.

    Please forgive me for changing the subject but PLEASE STOP USING GMAIL! You are a pillar of strength to the Street Medic movement nationwide but using gmail is NOT SAFE for you or for the people who contact you. That is more true than ever, since last month when the feds got a direct line inside Google. Sure, it’s convenient – so is a Bank of America ATM card!

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