Local Activists to Aid in Ike Relief

Local Activists to Aid in Ike Relief
For Immediate Release
September 17, 2008

As the full aftermath of Hurricane Ike has yet to be seen, local
Colorado health activists will head to Texas to lend a hand wherever
they are useful.

The Colorado Street Medics—a group of volunteers with various levels
of medical training—assert that healthcare is a human right.
Volunteers from Colorado Street Medics have provided services in
demonstrations, war zones and natural disaster sites since the 1960s.
Their latest project provided medical support at the protests around
the Democratic National Convention.

Now, three of their volunteers will head to Texas.

 “Growing up in south Florida I have lived through the vicious cycle
of hurricane season: the days of panic leading up to landfall, the
hours of uncertainty when power goes out, and the weeks of rebuilding
it takes to recover from these amazing storms,” said Bryan Garcia, a
Colorado Street Medics volunteer. “My heart just aches for those
affected, and I know the only way to satisfy my heart is to head down
there and give what I have. And that is why I’m willing to sacrifice
my job—which I have, as of today—in order to help those folks who are
facing the challenges I know so well.”

“In times of emergency, the most vulnerable populations get left
behind,” said Zoë Hallez Williams, one of the medics. “We are going to
Texas to help the people that are not given safe access to traditional
forms of relief.”

Reports have come out of the hurricane zone stating undocumented
immigrants feared that—in light of recent ICE raids—they could be
deported if they boarded evacuation busses. Others are afraid to ask
for help from relief centers. Meanwhile, impoverished communities in
Texas are not receiving aid to fix roofs, access relief services and
receive medical treatment.

 “In times of emergency, no one should have to worry about getting
help,” Hallez Williams adds.

The group intends to join with other grassroots causes in the area to
offer first aid and emotional support.



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