Hurricane Relief

Dear friends and family,

As Hurricane Gustav’s mark has been left on Louisiana’s poor and indigenous communities, Hurricane Ike has left thousands of undocumented immigrants, impoverished families and others unable to evacuate fending for themselves.

Members of the Colorado Street Medics will be traveling to the Gulf Coast to offer medical relief services to those affected by hurricanes. With our combined skills of first aid, emotional care and disaster relief, the medics offer a versatile and mobile skill set for communities in great need. As we prepare ourselves and make our plan of action, we can use your help.

Because our group is entirely comprised of medical volunteers, we are challenged with the task of covering all of our own travel and gear expenses. As with most grassroots efforts, the smallest contribution goes a very long way. Enclosed is a list of supplies that will be greatly useful in our trek to the Gulf Coast. 

As we gear up, head out and begin working we will post updates as we can to Please check to hear about our progress.

Thank you for your support. We believe that healthcare is a human right and with your help we can make it so.

Much love,

Zoë, Bryan and Jaimie

Colorado Street Medics


Our Wish List

Rescue Remedy (any form)

Rescue Remedy (any form)

Herbs (loose)

– Dandelion, chamomile, valerian, licorice, hibiscus, burdock, nettles, mint, slippery elm, hyssop,

Miso Soup (dry in packets)


– Arnica, Hypericum, Echinacea, Kava Kava

Work gloves

Respirators/HEPA 95 masks

Medical gloves (latex or nitrile)

Triangle bandages


Glucometers, Lancets, Strips

Chinese herbs

– Yunnan Pai Yao, Bak Fah Yao, Zheng Gu Shui, Ching Wan Hung

Duct tape

Safety goggles


– Vegan Bouillon, beans, rice, lentils, nut butters, spices




Storage tubs

Socks (especially wool and fake wool)

Cash for gas 


Please contact us at for a mailing address for donations or to set up a pick up. 



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